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Most of the stammerers knows something about stammering and one or more practicing speech therapies .

But the problems for them are

1. No one is ready or willing to listen to their speech problems. That’s Stammerers doesn’t have anyone to share their inner feelings.

2. Support groups for stammerers are available only in big cities. Such groups are not available in towns and villages.

3. Even in the available support groups in cities, meetings will be conducted once in a week and that too on Sundays only. Because of this reason, many stammerers were unable to attend weekly meetings regularly due to time constrains.

The plight of the stammerers living in towns and villages are still worst as there are no support groups available.

In view of the above reasons, the Stammerers  got de-motivated and unable to continue their speech practice for a longer period of time. To overcome stammering, sustained speech practice is required for a period of about one year as already explained.

Joining in the whatsapp group is one of the  best options for all stammerers to get motivate themselves, share their problems with other members, get immediate replies and make themselves ready for speech  practicing regularly.

WhatAapp group would send alert to all the members to do speech practice in the mornings apart from sending motivational quotes, audios and videos to inspire stammerers.

Now two whatsApp groups one for Tamil (47 Nos) and another one for English (78Nos) are functioning with a combined members strength of  125 from all over India.

Those who are interested joining in the whatsApp groups can message their names, age, educational qualification and place of living to the following mobile number.

(Vinothkumar Krishnamoorthy).


(Rahul Banerjee)